When you feel a shift within, it usually means that something in your life is changing or you are transitioning from one phase of life to another. It can be an emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental shift that is happening in order for you to gain a clearer understanding of yourself and the world around you. This painting started off completely differently to this end result. The egoic agenda surfaced, but I let go of the control of what I thought the outcome should be and trusted the process. I felt growth and a shift in the application of the paint and in the mark making. Evolution and growth should always be appreciated. Visualise this painting in your home. On the wall, in a space which is calling out for a peaceful, soulful energy. A reminder that you have stepped in to your own deeper connection, with you.

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Height: 66.6cm Width: 91.5cm  Depth: 4cm

Mixed media on canvas. 

Matt black paint to sides.

Will come with hardware ready to hang.

Paintings are signed to the front.

A further certificate of authentication will be included.

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