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"the action of creating allows my soul to sing, so that others can hear the music"

Sonia began creating abstract paintings following a period in her life where she was made to feel less than worthy. Not seen. Not heard. Not valued. She was made to feel invisible and experienced a complete disconnect. Not only from others around her, but also from herself. She made the decision to take some time from her job as a child protection officer in a high school, for some self reflection and self care. During this period, she was guided to paint. To create. And it felt right to her. It felt like home. Her pain, confusion, thoughts and emotion unapologetically expressed onto canvas. Her keen awareness of her spiritual guidance and intuition increased to a higher level.

Each one of her paintings tell a story and adds to the narrative. All of her paintings are a mixed media exploration of bold colour, mark making and texture. An expression of her inner being. Through her paintings, she shares the core of her soul with you and for you, without having to say a word. Bordering between mystical illusion and the human desire for physical connection, her inspiration comes from her own spiritual journey and her desire to make others awaken to the notion we are so much more than blood, flesh and bones. She quotes;

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Not the other way around. We have the power to create and shape our own reality and art can help us achieve that along the way".

Sonia's paintings challenge you to dive beyond physical reality and allow the powerful influence of her metaphysical interpretations touch your very soul, as a reminder of who you really are and why you are here on this earth. She wants you to know you belong and you are worthy. Her belief is that it is your birth right to feel a loving connection with mankind and exist in a life of happiness, peace, contentment and purpose. Her paintings take you on a journey of curiosity and what you see and feel will be unique to you and you alone. She asks you to take notice when you feel a connection with any of her paintings. Because it is a connection that will bring joy in to your life.

Sonia attended art college after leaving school and studied fashion design, illustration, textiles and Art History. She achieved a B.T.E.C. diploma and H.N.D. on graduation. Her first solo exhibition was held at the Umbrella Fair Organisation in her home town of Northampton, England. In addition, she has exhibited at the Northampton Art in the Park event, The Holy Art Gallery in London and Boomer Gallery, Tower Bridge, London. She has twice been featured in the popular Artist Close Up magazine and has been awarded Artist of The Month and received an award for Featured Artist in an International Art Award competition by Camelback Gallery. Sonia also has selected paintings as a resident artist, at two local galleries, 15 Collingwood and The Primrose Gallery.

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